Monday, March 31, 2008

In photos below, works in progress in various structures, finished walls in Cafe Demeter in Friday Harbor, and Gallery San Juan, Friday Harbor, WA, finished wall in private residence, Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, WA., and samples of pigmented plasters applied in mixed colors, and layered.
Also below, plaster repair - work in progress, victorian farmhouse - Argyle Ave, Friday Harbor WA

People of the Corn, (2010) - anti-GMO informational poster, created from sgraffitto, pigmented plaster mural People of the Corn (2007) created at Mi Casita Mexican restaurant by Linda Degnan Cobos. Research and text for poster, Linda Degnan Cobos.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Welcome to Plaster Works, (a part of West Coast Walls) San Juan Island, Washington

Drywall contractor/plasterer. Over 25 years experience in the trade. Everything from tracts to mega-mansions. Plaster restoration and repair.
Smooth walls, hand textures, spray textures, patches.

Interior walls and ceilings done in lime, gypsum, and clay, with both wax and acrylic finishes. Photos at right - work done in a commercial building, a guest house, and at bottom of page, San Juan Gallery, plus a small sample of the hundreds of colors and textures available in pigmented plaster. Also below, before/after photos of unpainted plaster repair work on old farmhouse, and before/after of pigmented plaster walls in Cafe Demeter; both in Friday Harbor, WA.

contact: 360-378-3894